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अप्प दीपो भव


Roundtable on Paradigm Shift in Health Management – From Disease Control to Holistic Health

On December 22nd, 2023, Tathagat Foundation organized a Roundtable on “Paradigm Shift in Health Management – From Disease Control to Holistic Health” at India International Centre in New Delhi.

Here’s a brief overview of the key points discussed:

• Learning from Scriptures: Ancient scriptures are a treasure trove of knowledge on holistic health. Their study can provide valuable insights into effective health management practices.

• Brainstorming on Holistic Health Models: The roundtable focused on brainstorming effective models to promote holistic health, underlining the importance of integrating various health approaches.

• Yoga and Ayurveda: The adoption of age-old practices like yoga and ayurveda was discussed. These practices offer time-tested benefits for maintaining health and wellness.

• Social Bonds and Mental Health: The importance of social bonds and friendship in maintaining mental health was another crucial topic. Healthy relationships contribute significantly to emotional well-being.

• Redefining Mental Health: Mental health should not only be associated with illness; it’s a broader concept encompassing emotional and psychological well-being.

• Positive Life Attitude: A positive attitude towards life is fundamental for holistic health, impacting both mental and physical wellness.

• Using Technology and Media: The role of technology and media in promoting holistic health was discussed, highlighting the need to leverage these platforms for spreading awareness.

• Funding for Holistic Practices: The need for funding to support doctors practicing holistic treatment was emphasized, recognizing the financial challenges in this field.

• Shift from Western to Traditional Medicine: There’s a noticeable shift from dependency on Western medicine back to traditional practices, acknowledging the benefits of holistic approaches.

• Family Life and Mental Health: The importance of a stable and supportive family life in maintaining mental health was discussed, underlining the role of familial bonds.

• Training of ASHA Staff and Aganwadis: The recommendation to provide specialized training in mental health care for ASHA staff and Aganwadi workers was put forward, emphasizing the importance of foundational education and support at the community level.

• Inclusive NCERT Curriculum: The need to make the NCERT curriculum more inclusive with knowledge on mental health was highlighted, aiming to create broader awareness from a young age.

• Menopause and Hormonal Changes Awareness: The need for heightened awareness about hormonal changes during menopause was emphasized. This phase in a woman’s life requires understanding and support, as it can significantly impact physical and mental health.

• Unani and Chemotherapy Effectiveness: The effectiveness of Unani medicine and chemotherapy was discussed. Unani’s traditional approach and chemotherapy’s modern techniques offer varied solutions for health management.

This roundtable by the Tathagat Foundation marks a significant stride in acknowledging and promoting holistic health. It underscores a multidimensional approach to health, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, rooted in both traditional wisdom and modern practices.

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