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Holistic Health

The principle of Holism is based on perceiving things as a complete whole and not as separate components. Holistic Health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social needs of an individual. It considers an individual as a fully functional person, who is an active participant in making health and wellness decisions, thereby affecting his overall lifestyle.

Body-mind balance is a cornerstone of holistic health, embodying the principle that our physical wellbeing and mental state are deeply interconnected. In holistic health, this balance is not just a goal but a journey, where nurturing the mind is as crucial as caring for the body. Imagine our body as a garden and our mind as the gardener. Just as a garden thrives under the careful attention of the gardener, our body flourishes when our mind is at peace, focused, and positive. This synergy is pivotal because mental stress can manifest as physical ailments, and similarly, physical discomfort can cloud our mental wellbeing. By embracing practices that promote body-mind harmony, such as meditation, yoga, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise, we don’t just treat symptoms; we nourish our entire being. This holistic approach leads to enhanced immunity, improved stress management, greater emotional resilience, and overall a higher quality of life. Therefore, achieving body-mind balance is not just about feeling good—it’s about creating a foundation for a healthier, more vibrant existence.

Pancha Kosha

Mind has its own reality and is correlated with the body. If you want to be holistically healthy then you need to take care of the Panch Koshas, which are the five layers of the physical body. According to the Upanishads, our human nature, or prakriti, comprises five different dimensions. Our mortal body (the temple of our individualized atma) expands into more subtle layers of energy around our spiritual center.

Benefits of Practicing Holistic Health

Modern medicine has indefinitely made some path breaking advancements. However, there has been a recent shift of focus to alternative treatments and holistic medicine. In recent times, people are gravitating towards the holistic approach upon finding it more realistic and long term compared to the symptomatic relief offered by generic treatment plans and their unwanted side effects. These treatments include acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, chiropractic, and more. 

 Holistic Health aims to cure illness from the root and prioritizes a person’s whole being in the treatment process. When the body is not restricted with physical ailments, our overall state of mind improves, as with a healthier body also comes a healthier mind.

Holistic Health offers relief from stress and enhances feeling of self-efficacy, improves overall digestive processes, boosts immunity, metabolism, and resistance to diseases. It also improves higher cognitive skills like selective attention, retention, convergent & divergent thinking, reasoning, problem solving, decision making, and others.

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