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Spiritual Wellbeing

A calm mind is able to perceive peace and walk on the path of the ultimate truth. For thousands of years, spirituality has been linked with something sacred, a way of connecting to the greater forces and inner self. Our views and thoughts of the world we live in are constrained by the abilities of our senses required to perceive them. Living a dream within a dream or an existence within another, the perspective of viewing a situation entirely changes when one is able to transcend from one zone to the other. As per a popular story when Maulingputta came to Buddha with numerous questions on one’s existence, its meaning, on what was before and what comes after it, etc, he was told to spend some time with other disciples and in due course his questions will get answered. He was a seeker who was being led on a path of spiritual wellbeing only to find out later that when one has actually seen what is inside, all the seeking and questions were answered.

The spiritual wellbeing and inner peace can be sought by following either the path of devotion or through the path of active seeking. The knowledge obtained during the process helps oneself to see themselves as detached or separated from the worldly activities. It gives impetus to one’s goal and longing for “dharma” and “moksha”, beyond pursuing other life goals of “arth” and “kaam” as prescribed in Hinduism.  

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