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Gyan Marg

The feeling of transcendence associated with spirituality can also be achieved through the path of active seeking. Like most dimensions of wellbeing, emotional and spiritual wellbeing overlap and positivity flows when one actively seeks spirituality, strengthening a person’s relationship with the eternal parts of life. Spiritual wellbeing can be sought through the path of active seeking by following the Gyan, Karma or the Ashtanga (as prescribed by Maharshi Patanjali, also considered the Father of Modern Yoga) margs.
The path of Gyan is one of knowledge or wisdom and is a way to achieve enlightenment via the use of reason, specifically the ability to distinguish between true and false through study and introspection. The gyan marg uses the mind and intellect to transcend oneself and help oneself recognise that they can be integrated with the Almighty. In gyan marg, one goes through a thorough investigation into the realities of life, one’s own identity, the divine, and the cosmos. In addition to intelligence, gyan marg requires self-realization so that one can transcend the domains of physical reality.
The gyan marg involves studying the religious writings of Gurus, pondering over one’s existence, their desires, their roles & responsibilities, and doing meditation sessions.

Prominent Preachers of Gyan Marg

Quotes by Swami Paramananda

Quotes by Sri Raman Maharshi

Quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Atma Bodh by Shankar Acharya

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