Tathagat Foundation

Tathagat Foundation

अप्प दीपो भव

Tathagat Foundation

अप्प दीपो भव


Meaning of Tathagat

Tathāgata (Pali: [tɐˈtʰaːɡɐtɐ]) is a Pali word; Gautama Buddha used it while referring to himself or other Buddhists in the Pāli Canon. The term is often thought to mean either “one who has thus gone” (tathā-gata), “one who has thus come” (tathā-āgata), or sometimes, “one who has thus not gone” (tathā-agata) emphasizing the principle of continuity.

Focus Areas

Holistic Education

Holistic Education is a movement that seeks to engage all aspects of the learner, including mind, body, and spirit, focussing on comprehensive learning. Holistic Education covers all the pivotal...

Holistic Health

The principle of Holism is based on perceiving things as a complete whole and not as separate components. Holistic Health is an approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellne...

Spiritual Wellbeing

A calm mind is able to perceive peace and walk on the path of the ultimate truth. For thousands of years, meditation has been linked with something sacred, a way of connecting to the greater for...

History of Yoga

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